Carlton SP7015 Series
Stump Grinder

Track- Mounted
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We provide Stump Grinding & Stump Removal Services to North Raleigh, Wake Forest, Wakefield, Rolesville, Youngsville, Franklinton, Louisburg, and Wilmington, NC.

SP7015 TRX SERIES – The Carlton SP7015 TRX Stump Grinder is truly a go anywhere do everything machine. The SP7015 TRX Stump Cutter on tracks features a standard wireless remote control, 4 speed ground drive system, traction control, and telescoping tracks.

The unit’s track system hydraulically retracts from 48-inches to 35-inches so the operator can maneuver easily through tight situations like a back yard gate. The SP7015 TRX packs big cutting power in a compact unit and produces only 5.3 psi ground pressure.

The four speed track system allows the operator to choose between high speed travel modes and high torque cutting modes at the flip of a switch. The TRX Series from Carlton are redefining versatility.

  • Patented Turntable Design provides a low center of gravity, keeps the engine level during operation and allows for a giant 70-inch swing travel.
  • Extendable and Retractable Tracks hydraulically contract from 48- to 35- inches allowing access to tight working conditions.
  • Rubber Tracks Deliver maximum climbing power and minimal lawn disruption.
  • Four Speed Ground Drive System – gets you to the stump faster than any other track drive machine while providing precise control at lower speeds and incredible climbing power.

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Mr. Stumpy’s Stump Grinding Services

  • Tyler is awesome!! Service is awesome!! Wonderful to work with!! We had a stump in our shrub bed close to our house…no problem for Mr. Stumpy’s Stump Grinding!! Stump is gone, no mess…incredible!! Extremely reasonable pricing as well!! We would absolutely request him again, and highly recommend him to all!!! Thank you for everything! | Susan A. – Youngsville, NC

  • Amazing service! Great prices! I contacted Mr. Stumpy’s Stump Grinding to come give an estimate and they came out SAME DAY and removed the stumps for me only 2 days later!!! The grinding of the stumps went very quickly, too. Wonderfully friendly and went above and beyond to explain how best to care for my newly ground lawn and even helped with a branch situation I had in my backyard. We have already recommended Mr. Stumpy to a couple people and will definitely call again when we have another stump removed Thank you so much! 🙂 | David F. – Franklinton, NC

  • Great service! I communicated with Tyler for several weeks until our back yard was dry enough for him to grind down our stumps. He was always responsive and professional, and came out to do the job as soon as the weather allowed for it. He gave us a very reasonable price. It was a pleasure doing business with him and we highly recommend Mr. Stumpy’s Stump Grinding Services of Franklinton! |
    Stephanie M. – Franklinton, NC

  • Amazing service and very professional. They came when we were not home and went above our expectations. The price was very reasonable. I would recommend Mr. Stumpy Stump Grinding service to anyone.
    | Marc E. – Wake Forest

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